Cocktail Bar Catering Heraklion Crete



Alex Gialitakis and his team offer complete solutions for the cocktail bar tendering of weddings, openings and all types of events. They also specialize in bar consulting, supporting you every step of the way throughout the completion of your project, offering advice on unique and original ideas for your cocktails of your bar and an innovative setting of your space. The aim is both its elegance and more efficient operation.

They also undertake seminar courses to educate both beginners and professionals in the field of bartending, and in general of gastronomy, providing the knowledge required both on a theoretical as well as practical level.



Are you dreaming of a fully-equipped cocktail bar at your event? We can make it true..

Imagine that you will have your personal bartender, who will create unique cocktails to you and your guests. Turn your event into a brilliant experience that will be remembered by all.

We work together with you on a personal level and we are fully informed of on your preferences, in order to create a cocktail list that suits you. You may choose either your favourite cocktail or flavours, fruit and alcohol you prefer and we create new and unique cocktails exclusively for you. You can even choose the names of the cocktails, which of course we will present in front of you so that we conclude which ones will be offered to your guests.

We cover all the needs of your cocktail catering, in other words, you have nothing to look after. Every aspect is included in the offered package. You choose the location and style, and we make them a reality.


Appropriate for:

  • Wedding reception
  • Baptism
  • Birthday party
  • Private party
  • Beach party
  • Children's party (non-alcoholic)
  • Engagement party
  • Graduation party
  • Openings
  • Conferences
  • Reports
  • Consulting


Bartending is constantly developing and many qualifications and skills are needed to be able to stand up from the crowd. Regardless of being a professional or a beginner, our seminars are surely addressed to you, too.

Education is a necessity, as it is not enough to know how to make a cocktail, but an appropriate behaviour and a suitable theoretical background is also required. The training of our beginner students starts from scratch.

We cover a great area of knowledge that includes everything from the history of drinks to the right behaviour and hospitality as well as service and costing. We give particular emphasis on proper hospitality and behaviour towards our customers.


We address:

  • Students majoring in hospitality and other similar disciplines
  • Professionals in the field that wish to expand their knowledge
  • Professionals that wish to take part in international competitions

World Class Finalists 2017



Alex Gialatakis is a renowned bartender with many years of experience under his belt. Since 1990 he has been working in the bartending field, and since 2007 he has been active in bar catering. He has collaborated with the most important bars in Crete and has participated in a wide variety of seminars both as a trainee as well as a trainer.

  • Professional Bartender since 1990
  • 15-year-experience as Bar Manager in famous resorts
  • Experience since 2006 in the Cocktail Catering environment
  • Trained over 400 HO.RE.CA. executives
  • World Class Finalist Greece 2017

Recently named as one of the top 12 bartenders in World Class Greece 2017.